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Modern & Vintage Alfa Romeo performance, including the 4C, New Giulia, Stelvio, & Classics.


Welcome to Alfa9 Supply. Our passion is to provide you a unique range of products that will help you tune your Alfa Romeo 4C or Vintage Alfa Romeo.

Whether you have a track car, a canyon carver or a radical daily driver, you can customize it here.

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Who is Alfa9?

Good question and thanks for reading on. Alfa9 is built on owner Matt Leavitt’s unique blend of race knowledge mixed with 30 years of Alfa Romeo fanaticism.

Race Knowledge-

As a lifelong race enthusiast, Matt took his driving skills to gravel rally racing over a 10 year span. Firsthand experience in driving and car building came using imported GroupA factory parts and gave Matt valuable lessons in what worked and didn’t work in terms of car build and setup. He’s also participated in amateur road racing and relishes the challenge of driving both tarmac and gravel surfaces.

Alfa Romeo Knowledge-

Growing up in car crazed Los Angeles, with custom vans and glitzy euro cars and everything in between, Matt’s attention towards Alfa’s was realized early on and the Alfa bug hasn’t let up. With the launch of the 4C it was a perfect storm for Matt to start Alfa9. Utilizing his expertise in the early cars laid a foundation for this Alfa-centric parts business.

The Outcome-

Alfa9 Supply is the unique blend of race practice mixed with Alfa Romeo passion, and we filter all of our product offerings through that. Unique in the Alfa Romeo marketplace, you can trust us for expert advice on tuning, race prep, or restoration parts, we offer it. Keep a lookout as we expand to race specific prep and add some Porsche specific parts to the site.


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