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Alfa Romeo Brake Pads by Tarox

Alfa 4C Brakes
4C brake pads
Alfa 4C Brakes
4C brake pads

Alfa Romeo Brake Pads by Tarox

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Alfa Romeo 4C brake pads, made by Tarox Italy:

Tarox Corsa compound pads offer a very nice mix of street/track usage with impressive CF numbers. .47 cold and .49 hot. This is for aggressive street/track usage. The Corsa’s offer a quick warmup time and excellent modulation feel through the pedal. This compound has nice initial bite on the street, and gives progressively stronger and consistent braking when used on the track. The Corsa has proven to be the most confidence inspiring pad on a 4C when used at the racetrack. Combining excellent and progressive stopping power. We suggest this pad over any others for the 4C. When used on our Alfa 4C they exhibited no squeal and very little brake dust. This is truly a do-it-all compound for the 4C and our top recommendation for the 4C. The Corsa outperforms the Ferodo DS2500 in the 4C. It’s also a good choice for autocross with it’s great pedal feeling and quick warm up characteristics.

Tarox Strada compound pads are strong performers, with very low dust and improved performance over stock pads. Perfect for road use, and the ability to do track days. 

Tarox Competizione compound pads are recommend for track only as they need to be warmed to proper temps before full braking potential is reached. Special care has been taken by Tarox to make sure this compound stops incredibly well while not being harsh on the Brembo front rotors, prolonging usable lifecycle of the rotors.

Tarox compound pads are optimized to give low rotor wear with the factory 4C brake discs, as well as pairing perfectly with the unique metallurgy and disc patterns of the Tarox 2-piece rotors we offer if you choose to upgrade.

All Tarox braking products are made in Italy.


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