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Alfa Romeo 4C brake pads, PFC 13

Alfa Romeo 4C brakepads
Alfa Romeo 4C brakepads

Alfa Romeo 4C brake pads, PFC 13

from 369.00

Performance Friction— Well known for their proprietary race brake compounds, PFC is a top performer. As the official brake supplier to Porsche Motorsports, they are constantly testing and upgrading their compounds, so you can be assured you are getting their latest and greatest compounds for your Alfa Romeo 4C. 

Compound 13 • This is the newest PFC compound with excellent modulation and good progressive feeling with strong bite. It takes some heat to get to full operational efficiency, and it's noisier and slightly dustier than a street performance pad so we typically recommend this for track use. This pad has proven to give the top level of performance in 4C braking, with high bite, high heat range, and top modulation.

Fronts $379, Rears (Custom pads) $399

Fronts are in stock for immediate dispatch, rears are custom and delivery is 1 - 2 weeks.



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