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Alfa Romeo 4C Tuning

Alfa Romeo ECU tuning
Alfa Romeo ECU tuning

Alfa Romeo 4C Tuning

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Welcome to our Alfa Romeo 4C ECU tuning page. The Alfa Romeo 4C’s 1750 Turbo 4 engine responds well to ECU tuning and after careful consideration of all performance parameters we’ve selected Biesse Racing of Italy for our ECU upgrades. A longstanding history with tuning all marques of ultra-high performance cars in Europe gives them unique tuning insights and the utmost safety margins in tuning for the Alfa Romeo’s. 

We have worked with Biesse to select the best map for the Alfa 4C and offer that as our preferred option. The differentiating feature is a priority on top end power where the 4C often falls off, effectively evening out the power band and giving progressive power for track use where you want to be able to boost out of the corners and not lose any top end.

We can custom tailor the tune if you have specific needs in mind for your car—e.g. custom downpipe, camshaft, etc.

This ECU will deliver right around 280hp in the Alfa 4C. This is an honest hp number and revised based on comparative dyno testing with competitors units on the same dyno. In terms of an ECU clone for the 4C, this represents realistic maximum power levels achievable without converting to a standalone ECU. To get to a 300hp and beyond range, 4C owners should look at our standalone package here.

The Biesse 4C ECU tuning program has been installed on many US and European spec 4C's. Choose from a complete ready to swap in 4C US market ECU that can be changed in 5 minutes, or send in your existing ECU directly for bench-tuning with 5-7 day downtime.

Please contact us via phone or email to discuss your power needs and how they relate to your 4C.

Affordably priced at: 1) 4c race ECU replacement package, $1995.00 or 2) 4c race ECU recode package, $1345.00



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NOTE: Once installed on a 4C, a tuned Bosch ecu unit is coded to your 4C specifically. You will not be able to switch it to other 4C’s because of the immobilizer coding.

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