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Giulia 2.0 Power Stage Package


Giulia 2.0 Power Stage Package

from 2,146.00

Alfa9 Supply’s new “Power Stage” package brings your Giulia to new power levels with a unique combo of 3 critical performance pieces.

1) The handheld Biesse flasher ECU tuning device.

2) The 100% stainless cat-back Remus sport tuned exhaust

3) The AFE power enhancing cold-air intake system.

All-in-one package at a nice discount. These products are fully tested on USA spec cars and proven to give maximum gains in every category including, ecu, intake, and exhaust.

The Biesse Flasher is a simple to use handheld tuner that connects direclty to your Giulia via the OBD port. It reads your cars ECU code and gives back a tune that improves power and driveability across the entire power band. And it does this all and in a safe way, keeping intact oem protocols and the Giulia’s adaptive learning ability. Once installed you can quickly and easily flash back to stock if desired.

The Remus 2.0 exhaust is a cat back system that opens up the exhaust flow by 70%. This is necessary to get the maxium power from the Biesse tune and your Giulia. 304 Stainless construction and bead blasting mean the system will hold up to the elements for many years to come. 24-month usa warranty. Choose factory valence tips or add a unique pair of real carbon fiber tips to finish it off.

The AFE Power True Cold-Air intake system is proven to give HP gains on it’s own, and combined with the Biesse is top level. Choose dry or oiled filter elements. The enclosed box design feeds the coldest air in from the grill and at the same time isolates the rest of the intake charge from the engine bay ambient temps.

The Giulia 2.0 Power Stage Package is sold at a $125 discount versus buying the pieces individually. And shipping is set at a reduced price flat fee of $112 for Fedex ground to the lower 48. Please email if you live outside that area.

Fits all 2017+ Giulia 2.0 Turbo cars.

Kit Contents Include:

• Alfa9/Biesse Flasher

• Remus 2.0t catback exhaust / or open

• AFE cold air power intake (to ship upon AFE production)

exhaust style:
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