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Beta Tools October sale

New photos up of some of the Beta tools we offer. 

And two great classic shots from the Beta archives... Carlos Reutemann—Ferrari 1978 and Gilles Villenueve—Ferrari 312 T4 1979.

Beta has a 40 plus year motorsport history and makes a perfect match to any project you may have in mind this coming winter. 

Highlights are a lifetime warranty, made in Italy quality, and competitive pricing.

To name a couple of favorites, we love using Beta torque wrenches and the Beta fine tooth ratchets.

The torque wrenches are accuracy certified and come in handy on any tire change project, from swapping sets on the daily driver to making sure you are properly torqued for track days. We also use them when replacing head gaskets to ensure the right torque on cylinder head bolts and studs.

The Beta 72 tooth 3/8" ratchet has a fine tooth adjustment you can reset in just 15 degrees of movement. This is ideal for the tight spaces in modern engine bays.

Now through the November 15th, take 10% off a Beta torque wrench or ratchet order with mention or share of this post.

Many of the Beta tools are in stock. For the full line have a look at the catalog here. Email us for competitive pricing. 

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