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4C track wishbones

Alfa 4c suspension
4c wishbones
Alfa 4c suspension
4c wishbones

4C track wishbones


This Alfaworks wishbone pair is made to replace the rear lower control arms in your Alfa Romeo 4C. We recommend these if you are already using or plan to use DOT track tires combined with an aftermarket suspension.

Under normal loads and with street tires there is plenty of stiffness in the OEM bushings. But, as you increase grip of the tires more load is deflected into the OEM joints and allows the rear wishbone bushings to flex and start rear steering the car. This situation reduces confidence and control of the car.

This is a track-day specific modification. Although once you install these your car will still be completely “streetable." with the nylon bushings engineered to last indefinitely and operate noise-free.

The uprated bushings will eliminate unwanted flex in the rear suspension and increase precision. They will also make it much easier to control oversteer with by making driver inputs more immediate and effective.

Sold in pairs, left and right, with a complete new wishbone included to make the swap easier and faster. The converted US dollar price INCLUDING shipping is 995.00 **

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