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Alfa GTAm 8x13" & 9x13" wheels, 4x108

Alfa Romeo GTAM wheels
Campagnolo GTAM
Alfa Romeo GTAM wheels
Campagnolo GTAM

Alfa GTAm 8x13" & 9x13" wheels, 4x108


This wheel set is the wider option for vintage owners running an Alfa Romeo GTAm or a GTAm/GTV replica with flared fenders.

These are true and exacting alloy replicas of the original GTAm Campagnolos. With a proven alloy mix of Ai Si 7 Mg, these alloy race wheels rival the original Campagnolo magnesium wheels in low weight.

All sets are crafted in Italy by our proven historic race wheel manufacturer. The process for these wheels is gravity casting, then heat treated for strength. They come powder-coated in your choice of silver or gold. 

The weight is 11.7 pounds front and 11.9 pounds rear, complete with steel bushings to preserve the fastening seats during repeated wheel changes.

Sold in sets of 4, 8x13” fronts ET-4 and 9x13" ET6 for the back.

Shipping via air freight is INCLUDED in the price.

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Priced by the set. In stock and ready to ship from the Italian warehouse via 3-5 day airmail. Price excludes US import duty and tax which is to be paid by receiver.

7x13 sizing available, 4x98 available, email for details. 

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