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Braid RC 7x14"

Braid RC
BRaid serie 2 RC
Braid RC
BRaid serie 2 RC

Braid RC 7x14"

468.00 495.00

Alfa GTV racers, meet the Braid Forged 3-piece design RC wheel.

With a vintage feeling right out of the later 60's and early 70's these are perfectly at home on the Bertone 105 cars.

Flexible offsets, but let's start at 14x7 et23. A good size for any GTV. They are very strong and inntended for track use, but you can rock them on the street as well. Lightweight alloy, weighing in at 14 lbs. per wheel. 

These are 4x108 for Alfa Romeo's, priced per each on a custom order basis, 3 week turnaround time, and shipping is included in price.

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All prices per wheel, + $20 each wheel for USA locations. Email for a quote for overseas shipping.

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