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Get ready for your next trackday—4C brake pads now in stock.

Alfa9 Supply is happy to announce that we have developed the first sets of track specific brake pads for the Alfa Romeo 4C in conjunction with Porterfield Enterprises.

We are now stocking Porterfield Racing R4 compound pad sets made specifically for the 4C. The R4 compound is the perfect pad to swap in for a track day. It's also doable to drive to and from the track if you can't/don't want to trailer there, just remember the pads take a little extra warmup time. One of the best race pad compounds available, this set will get rid of the brake fade that a stock 4C pad will experience on the track. The R4 is made to withstand heavy braking at some of the fastest tracks in the US—in stock now. 

For those who want a performance streetable/autocross padset we can also offer the R4-S compound, which is a nice middle step between the OEM Alfa Romeo pads and the R4. Perfect for hard street driving and autocross, while still being rotor friendly and very low-dust. 

Call or email us through the website to order, or if you have questions about matching a pad material to your 4C and driving needs. We can offer virtually any compound with the correct backing plates for the 4C.

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